PR trends challenging conventions

Version française : Tendances RP défiant les pratiques I recently co-wrote a white paper with Lucie-Anne Fabien to start a discussion about a new model: Crisis Management 4.0. Our proposed model addresses the impact of AI on communications strategy and stress management during a crisis situation. New concepts are introduced, such as Credibility Engineering ®, … Continue reading PR trends challenging conventions

Credibility is a dialogue

Version française : La crédibilité est un dialogue Credibility is not only related to influence and persuasion, but rather to the action of informing, communicating, and being believed by one’s interlocutors. It is creating and maintaining a relationship of trust and sharing between the spokesperson and his/her audience. It must be understood that credibility exists … Continue reading Credibility is a dialogue

La crédibilité est un dialogue

English version : Credibility is a dialogue La crédibilité n’est pas seulement reliée à l’influence et à la persuasion mais plutôt à l’action d’informer, de communiquer, de dialoguer, et d’être cru par ses interlocuteurs. C’est créer et maintenir une relation de confiance et de partage entre le porte-parole et ses publics. Il faut comprendre que … Continue reading La crédibilité est un dialogue

Revisiting a powerful corporate asset: Credibility

Here is why a corporation should invest in building credibility We often hear about corporate trust, corporate reputation or leadership but rarely about source and corporate credibility. Experts frequently try to convince corporate professionals and spokespersons to follow rules and tips, or a 10-step process to improve their credibility. Or even worst, how many times … Continue reading Revisiting a powerful corporate asset: Credibility