Crisis Management: An unheard-of model for practitioners

This June in Edmonton at the CPRS Annual Conference, Credibility Institute‘s Stéphane Prud’homme and MetaConscience‘s Lucie-Anne Fabien will be speaking on an unheard-of model of crisis management. Don’t miss it!
Crisis Management: An unheard-of model for practitioners
The question “between robots and big data, what’s left for humans?” is the new concern in all industries. Companies are nowadays operating into a high-speed era as the rapid spread of information, rumors, and fake news on social networks increase the risk of major organizational crises. To face this new reality, business managers must adopt new crisis management tactics, new tech tools, and adapt very quickly to any eventuality to protect the reputation of their organization. Until now, big data and AI turned out to be valuable allies. Robots might soon be able to manage corporate crises thanks to big data, metadata, tech improvement such as blockchain, AI, and deep learning.  But the fundamental question remains: What will be left for humans in crisis management when robots take over? The presentation is an opportunity to understand the implications of high-tech improvement in PR. The evolution model of crisis management that is proposed follows the marketing and internet evolution model. The model is adapted to the distinct environment of crisis management and halfway between practice and applied research.


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