There are some companies with exceptional customer service!

Yes there are!! And GSMliberty is one of them.

I have used GSMliberty mobile unlocking services for the 2nd time in 4 years last week. My 1st time was in 2009 with a Canadian Blackberry when I moved to China and that my Canadian mobile supplier Rogers proposed me an “excellent” roaming solution package instead of unblocking my old Blackberry paid 3 times to them, after a 2-year restrictive contract.

With this so stupid proposal, roaming in China with a Candian locked SIM card for months, I decided to finish my relationship with Rogers and to unlock my mobile by myself.  This is when I found GSMliberty.

Of course, like anyone, I was so scared to give them my credit card number without knowing them, but they did such a great job, fast and cheap.

Last week, I wanted to unlock my sister’s Canadian iPhone 4S after she gave it to me (she was leaving Rogers… no comments, and the new company gave her a new iPhone for free). But this time GSMliberty was asking me $125 to unlock my mobile; a lot of money! But worth to have a bran new iPhone for free… I have to admit that I hesitated because even if they garanty the unlock, it’s a lot of money. I finally decided to make the transaction last week.

GSMliberty has really improved their customer service, WOW! Within one day, I received a personal and signed email from customer service to tell me that I was upgraded  for free due to issues with my Canadian phone (no surprises with a phone locked by Rogers), upgraded to Premium Apple database. The next day, another signed email to follow up, the job could be done within 5 business days, they had to look this a bigger database, through Apple’s database. The next email, 2 days later, was to announce me that they successed in unlocking my iPhone!

I’m always good and prompt to scream at companies on social media, but I also like to talk about good companies offering great customer service. Thanks

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