PR are a way more than saving millions in adverstising!

My note to Sir Richard Branson (with all my respect) and to all the managers around the world who think that PR exist only to save money in adverstising.

I read earlier today a quote of Sir Richard Branson. I have so much admiration for this great manager, like millions of people in the world.

But when Sir Branson says that Public Relations save millions in adversiting, I just cannot stay relaxed, sitting on my chair, and say nothing!

“The head of PR is perhaps one of the most important people in a company and a good chairman will have them by their side. They are critical for managing the brand and save millions in advertising; people talking about your company is much more important than anything.” — Sir Richard Branson in

Do I have to remind managers who attended prestigeous business schools around the world that PR are a way more than saving millions in advertising!!

In fact, PR are crucial to an organization, to any organizations. Crucial to manage relationship between an organization and its stakeholders, to create and maintain a long-term dialogue, a two-way symmetrical communication. An organization cannot live without communicating with its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, reporters, with all its stakeholders.

Two-way symmetrical communication : “Uses communication to negotiate with the public, resolve conflict and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its stakeholders.”

Communication & relationship are natural, human. Marketing & advertising have been invented by companies to sell products.

If all managers could understand how two-way symmetrical communciation can lift long-term relationship, communication, and revenues up; that PR are more than saving money in adverstising;  that PR professionals have the ability to lead content, in good times as well as in crisis; that a mix of PR and marketing is THE key to growth, long-term growth; companies around the world could just be managed in a better way.

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